How To Make A Fortune Teller Paper Folding

Insert The Fingers And Move The Corners

Origami Fortune Teller has withstood the test of time to become the hot tool for all individuals to work in the sense of miracle. So long as you come in the search of how to make a fortune teller paper folding, read through the following info and self-create the tool for entertainment purposes! Of course, it is very cool and healthy to work with the Origami tool on the whole. By decorating or personalizing the “cootie catcher”, grow spiritually in the sacred boundary.

Make a Virtual Origami Fortune Teller via Video

With a piece of square paper, start folding diagonally in the two directions! Then, get each corner folded into the centre mark. Continue turning over and folding each corner again into the center. In order to witness how clearly the procedure works, it is very wise to watch Video or download PDF file and follow the step-by-step instructions!

Thanks to the Videos, you get the paper in the smaller square shape that lead to the final stages of folding. Also keep eyes on the creases in order to create the easy opening. Until you can create the shape of cootie catcher, open each flap and write the fortune piece in each section.

Make a Virtual Origami Fortune Teller via Video

Here are some examples that you can write for fun: you will be rich, you will become a man of attainment, you will be famous someday, good day to begin a journey, attend a happy party soon, etc. There exist many other lucky pieces to write on the personalized Paper Fortune Teller.

Insert the fingers and move the corners to conduct the art of Fortune Telling. Turn the model over and decorate it with the color on each flap as Blue, Yellow, Green, and Pink. Due to your personal reference, customize the Tool and play funnily with your fingers. In order to foretell someone’s fortune for fun, remember to emphasize the sense of possibilities. Play the tool mainly for pleasure.

As the colors are used to decorate the appearance, also write the numbers in the inside flaps. On the completion, ask your friends to choose one of the numbers that are displayed in the Centre of the Origami fortune teller. As an illustration, if they get number 4 in Blue, spell out the color and say it is 4. Then, move the tool 4 times before calling for the magic. Lift up the flat and read out the fortune! In such the moment, it feels like you are working as the potential Fortune Tellers.

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